Nitrogen  Systems for Oil and Gas Industry

Air Products’ permeation technology utilizes our proprietary PRISM® membranes to provide on-site nitrogen generation in a wide range of oil and gas installations.  PRISM® membranes have proven their durability during years of use in refineries, petrochemical plants and gas fields.

On-site Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is an indispensable component in a number of processes. Most commonly, nitrogen is used to create an inert environment for preventing explosions, for fire safety and to support transportation and transfer of hydrocarbons. Additionally, nitrogen is used for pipeline testing and purging, cleaning technological vessels and cleaning liquefied gas carriers and hydrocarbon storage facilities. Air Products´nitrogen generators cover all capacities, purity and hazardous area locations.

Prism® Pro-Line Nitrogen Generator GEN 1

The new Nitrogen Generator is a pre-engineered membrane cabinet for smaller capacity that meets or exceed most engineering requirements for Marine, Offshore, and Oil & Gas landbased industry.

PRIZM® Pro-Line Brochure

When the choice is membrane technology, you can count on PRISM® membranes!

Air Products Norway designs and fabricates customized systems for offshore/onshore installations in the Oil & Gas industry. Our PRISM® membrane technology allows for the widest range of product customization in the industry. All systems are engineered by Air Products in Norway and fully meet clients- and offshore standards.

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