Shipboard Installation of Nitrogen Generators

Since 1984, Air Products have supplied Nitrogen Generators to more than 1200 ships worldwide. Consequently, we are the world’s largest and most experienced supplier of Marine Nitrogen Generators.

Standardized marine systems, for fully meeting your Nitrogen Requirements:

  • Inerting of cargo tanks during cargo discharge (as full inert gas system).
  • General purging/cargoes tank stripping purpose.
  • Padding of highly oxygen sensible cargo.
  • Bleeding of insulation space onboard LNG vessels.
  • Isolation of cryogenic compressors.
  • Inerting of Methanol tanks.
  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) for fruit and vegetables.
  • LNG propulsion; purging of fuel pipes etc.

Air Products PRISM® membrane nitrogen systems are based on a unique membrane technology. Systems are standardized designed according to best marine practices but customizable to meet specific application requirements.

Small Capacity Cabinets NC1 Datasheet

Large Capacity Cabinets NC2 Datasheet

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