Nitrogen Generation for Landbased Oil & Gas applications

Nitrogen is valued both for its inert properties acting as an safety barrier and a gas useful for easing and boosting production and flow in the extraction process of Oil & Gas. Virtually any industry can benefit from its unique properties to improve yields, optimize performance, and make operations safer.

Air Products compact and standardized nitrogen systems have proved its suitability for a wide range of industry applications.
We have extensive experience with and field proven solutions for demanding onshore applications and desert/tropical environments.
Our experienced Applications teams use their knowledge of your industry and operations to deliver nitrogen and solutions to address your unique requirements.

Choose Air Products Nitrogen Generators when you require:

  • Turn key solutions from the market leader
  • Unparalleled life cycle costs
  • Guaranteed spare parts inventory and follow up the next 20 years
  • Quality proven membrane separators (more than 25 years).
  • Guaranteed After Sales Services throughout lifetime.
  • Adjustable purity. Flow, temperature and pressure variables allow the PRISM®  membranes to generate up to 99.9% purity.
  • Field-proven, robust membranes, which can withstand oil vapor as well as liquid water.

Typical Onshore Oil & Gas applications are:

  • Pipeline, tanks and vessels inerting
  • Pipeline, tanks and vessels dehydration
  • Pig launching
  • Wobble index adjustment
  • Well injection and reservoir stimulation
  • Riser & well tubing gas injection / gas lift

Please contact us for a solution that meets your requirements.