Process Gas Systems

Membrane-based process gas recovery and purification systems provide an economical and durable solution for refining and petrochemical facilities. Each system is delivered on a small footprint skid and requires very little maintenance or operator attention.

Over 500 PRISM® Membrane systems have been sold for critical gas separation applications. Our product engineering team is ready to design, engineer, and build a system to meet your unique requirements.

Refinery Applications

Air Products’ PRISM Membrane Systems are found in many steps of the oil refining process. From refinery off-gas streams to the purge-gas recycle. PRISM Membrane Systems use selective permeation to process pressurized gas streams. Applications include:

  • Hydrogen upgrading
  • Inert byproduct rejection
  • Hydrogen recovery
  • Off-gas upgrading

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Ammonia Applications

Air Products PRISM Membrane Systems are found in ammonia synthesis plants around the world. PRISM Membrane Systems increase the efficiency of ammonia plants by recovering hydrogen from purge gas streams. Air Products also provides purge gas and flash gas ammonia recovery including HP scrubbing, LP scrubbing and Ammonia stripping.

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Petrochemical Applications

PRISM Membrane Systems recover hydrogen and adjust synthesis gas streams to provide maximum efficiency at petrochemical processing plants. The membrane separators use selective permeation to recover and purify valuable hydrogen or reject inert byproducts from high-pressure petrochemical streams. Petrochemical processes include:

  • Hydrogen recovery from methanol plant purge streams
  • Synthesis gas ratio adjustment
  • Carbon monoxide purification
  • Hydrogenation purge streams
  • Hydrogen recovery from PSA purge gas

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LCS – Life Cycle Solutions

Air Products LifeCycle Solutions is committed to making sure that PRISM Membrane systems are operating at peak efficiency. Even small improvements make a huge difference in plant operating costs. What can we offer:

  • Engineering and Consulting Services
  • On site Services

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Please contact us for a solution that meets your requirements.