Membrane Air Dryers Cabinets & Skid Units

Air Products PRISM PE dryers are compact and efficient dehydrators for industrial, marine oil & gas plant air/working air and instrument quality air.

These robust dryers remove water vapor from compressed air streams by the selective permeation of water molecules through polymers. They are “molecular filters” in which water travels across the membrane faster than other gas molecules.

Advantages include lower maintenance time and expense compared to desiccant or refrigerant dryers. Membrane dryers are superior for operation at remote sites and for point-of use applications.

Membrane dryers are passive devices that lower capital and operational cost. The small size and simple operation make the ideal for applications where bulky units will not fit. Membrane dryers are quiet, minimum requirement for external power, and do not have expendable media that requires maintenance.

The Air Products Norway Air Dryer units can be delivered as cabinet models or as skid mounted units for larger capacities.

They are designed for indoor or outdoor installations, and meet all requested area classification and environment atmosphere for the marine, oil & gas, land based industry applications.




Dryer Brochure

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