CO2 Capture

Pilot demonstration – Reporting on CO2 capture from a cement plant using hollow fiber membrane process-Phase II.

The NORCEM cement plant (Heidelberg Cement) in Brevik, Norway, is well known throughout the CCS community for providing a test site for new capture technologies – membrane technology is one of them. The project is a sequel to a Phase I membrane program, part of the Climit-funded, “ Norcem CO2 Capture Project.”

The ultimate way to capture carbon dioxide from flue gasses is with the use of membrane modules. Membrane technology is an attractive alternative for molecular separations because of its high energy efficiency (no phase change is required to achieve separation), reliability, modularity, and small footprint. Membrane Process Systems do not require any chemicals and neither do they need any regeneration steps.

The market potential is enormous when including coal-fired power plants, process industry in addition to the cement industry, and will be substantially extended when including the marine area.

The technology partners are Air Products AS and the membrane R & D Group of the University NTNU,  with subcontractors the Research Institute SINTEF and DNV GL Sandefjord.

Norcem AS is the project manager.

The membrane modules installed at site are commercial hollow fiber modules provided by Air Products (USA) and coated with the FSC-membrane at NTNU. Air Products in Kristiansand, Norway, has built the pilot rig and is part of the project team. The membrane test rig will be operating around 8 months in 2016, and results evaluated for membrane durability and separation performance.

The pilot rig is built with a high degree of instrumentation and control, in order to learn and prepare for an optimum membrane capture process.

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