From left to right: Tom Cantero – Managing Director of Air Products AS, Svein Gunnar Nodeland – Head of CO2 Project and Process Manager N2 Systems and Hans Ihme – Product Manager N2 System.

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Wednesday 26 September 2018 Kristiansand municipality awarded The Environmental Award 2018 to Air Products AS.

For nearly 50 years, Air Products AS has been world leader in environmental and safety at sea, offshore and land-based facilities, and has developed a product that removes CO2 by means of membrane technology.


Technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions
-We received a total of 9 suggestions divided into 6 candidates. The jury has chosen Air Products AS as the clear winner of this year’s Environment Prize, “says head of jury Petter Benestad.

“It’s great to draw attention to a company in Kristiansand that supplies and develops world-leading products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With this we will also send clear signals to traditional companies about opportunities for conversion to greener products, and to think new and different, says Benestad.

-Air Products AS initiated new ideas during the oil crisis to create new revenue sources. Instead of investing in new oil-based products, they invested heavily on a very exciting and climate-friendly product. This is important for climate and environment both regionally and internationally. The municipality is proud to be able to award a company in Kristiansand that develops environmental products of global value, says head of jury Benestad, which strengthens Kristiansand’s profile as an environmental city.

“Given the fact that the industrial sector accounts for such a large share of greenhouse gas emissions locally and internationally, such new inventions can be scaled up and used throughout the world, particularly exciting. Scientists believe technology has great potential in the coal and process industries, which are behind significant emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, the technology can be used to upgrade biogas to methane, says Benestad.

CO2 reducing product
The product that Air Products AS has developed and launched is the removal of CO2 by means of membrane technology. It was developed in Kristiansand together with a research group led by Professor May-Britt Hägg at the Department of Chemical Process Engineering at NTNU – Norwegian Technical Science University in Trondheim. They have developed a membrane separator that can remove up to 90 percent of carbon dioxide in flue gas and biogas. Together with NTNU, Air Products AS has tested the technology in industrial plants, with good results. The collaboration between NTNU and Air Products AS resulted in a License Agreement. The agreement allows Air Products AS the rights to use NTNU`s proprietary fixed site carrier (FSC) membrane technology in conjunction with Air Products AS` proprietary PRISM® Membrane technology for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture application.

Significant sums have been invested in research and development of the product, which has received support from the Norwegian Government via Gassnova and CLIMIT.


CO2 Container                                                                Hans Ihme – Product Manager N2 Systems, with miniature membrane fibre.

Air Products AS
Air Products AS has its headquarters in Kristiansand, with 50 employees. The company has approximately 90% of the world market for LNG tankers. In 2014, they were awarded Company of the Year in Southern Norway, by the readers of the local newspaper Faedreandsvennen, and have been top 3 nominated finalists several other awards, such as the Innovation Prize and the Export Prize.

Air Products AS’ main task is to ensure the lives and values of the people who work at sea and the values they handle. The use of nitrogen as inert gas helps prevent disastrous environmental pollution as a result of fire and explosions occurring on ships, offshore platforms and floats, and has been in the front of Green Ship concepts.

Air Products AS is headed by Managing Director Tom Cantero, and the CO2 project is led by Process Manager Svein Gunnar Nodeland.

Petter Benestad, City and Environment Committee (Head of Jury)
Ole-Petter Sunde, The Federation of Kristiansand Region
Andrea Syrtveit, Kristiansand Youth Committee
Nina Reinhardt, represents the voluntary sector
Elizabeth Rojas, Environmental Advisor, Technical Sector, Urban and Social Unit


The Environmental Award
Kristiansand Municipality established the Environment Prize in 2013. An award aimed at stimulating innovation and efforts in environmental work

The price consists of a plaque and an amount of NOK 25.000.-

The jury emphasizes:
• Conversion to green economy and more environmentally friendly jobs
• Environmentally friendly production process and product development
• Strengthen Kristiansand’s reputation as an environmental city
• Environmentally friendly consumption, procurement and waste management
• Environmentally friendly logistics and transportation
• Environmentally friendly materials use and construction
• Reduced energy consumption
• Increase the population’s knowledge and attitudes

From left to right: Tom Cantero – Managing Director Air Products AS, Hans Ihme – Product Manager N2S Systems, Elizabeth Rojas – Environmental Advisor, Technical Sector, Urban and Social Unit Kristiansand Municipality, Harald Furre – Mayor of Kristiansand

Serving cake.

From left to right: Tom Cantero – Managing Director Air Products AS and Harald Furre – Mayor of Kristiansand

From left to right: Tom Cantero – Managing Director Air Products AS, Svein Gunnar Nodeland –  Head of CO2 Project and Process Manager N2 Systems, Hans Ihme – Product Manager N2 Systems.

Tom Cantero – Managing Director Air Products AS, with the flowers and the plaque.