Air Products Norway

Air Products Norway was the first company to commercialize hollow fiber membranes for air separation onboard ships and offshore installations. The first on-site nitrogen generation plant using hollow fiber membranes onboard a ship was installed in 1984 and the first on an offshore platform in 1985.

To date, Air Products Norway has delivered more than 1000 PRISM® membranes nitrogen systems on a wide variety of ship applications, and more than 220 PRISM® membranes nitrogen systems for offshore installations.

“A commitment to total safety is the commitment to doing things right.”
Air Products has one of the best safety records in the industrial gas and chemical manufacturing industries, and we’d like to improve it even further. Improvement takes a strong individual commitment and constant safety vigilance by every employee. That’s why we hold all of our people accountable for working safely and reporting unsafe conditions. To us, nothing is more important than safety — not production, not sales, not profits.

We strive for a “Count on Me” attitude in everything we do.

Diversity and Inclusion:
“A diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to our success, today and in the future. We recognize that collaboration and innovation from all of our colleagues is a key ingredient in that success. “

To Air Products, the elements of diversity are the unique characteristics, perspectives and life experiences that define us as individuals. Inclusion is all people interacting in a manner in which everyone is engaged, respected, and valued to maximize individual contribution to the Air Products team.

Air Products strives to be a company of choice that is recognized by its colleagues, customers, and its communities as a company that draws strength, opportunity, and financial growth from the diversity of its workforce. Our success will be directly attributed to having a work environment that is collaborative, inclusive and respectful of all people.