The content of this container purifies the air.

To visualize this we had the advertising company Sør-Stangeby (SSR) in Arendal create a visual message of the content. Air Products Norway wanted to visualize that the content of our container with CO2 capturing system is containing high-tech equipment that is of a positive nature as well as very environmentally friendly; equipment with ground-breaking technology contributing to reduction of industrial emissions of CO2 from flue gas. The result of the design from SSR for the container exterior layout was very satisfactory and it came natural to SSR to use the container as an “advertising poster” in their monthly customer newsletter (as picture above).


Air Products Norway was nominated for the ONS Innovation Award 2016, and Managing Director Tom Cantero is very proud that Air Products Norway was one of the five finalists for the prestigious award. “Being nominated is a fantastic inspiration for us to continue working towards our big goal; A full scale CO2-cature system within 2020” Cantero says. He adds that Air Products are very happy to be recognized among the world`s most innovative participants within ship- and offshore industries.


The CO2 container is a pilot and is installed at the Norcem cement mill in Brevik. The Air Products goal is that with our equipment running, the emissions from the cement mill may be reduced with up to 90-95% of the test gas extracted. In other words, this is technology that is contributing to making the cement industry even more environmentally friendly.