Meet Air Products AS at

Nitrogen + Syngas 2020 Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands, 17 – 20 February 2020.

We are excited to invite and welcome you to our Stand No. 30 during Nitrogen + Syngas 2020!

Whether you want to visit us for a meeting with one of our sales managers to discuss prospects and ideas and receive a presentation of our products, or if you just want to join us for a cup of coffee and an informal chat, you are welcome to our stand no.30.

Air Products Norway, having supplied more than over 500 PRISM® Membrane systems for critical gas separation applications. Our product engineering team is ready to design, engineer, and build a system to meet your unique requirements.

Membrane-based process gas recovery and purification systems provide an economical and durable solution for refining and petrochemical facilities. Each system is delivered on a small footprint skid and requires very little maintenance or operator attention. This is further strengthened by our proprietary membrane technology which is used in hundreds of thousands of units for other applications such as aerospace, food processing, metalworks, electronics, etc. Markets where Air Products is preferred for its undisputable reliability promise and proven track record.

Our qualified sales managers are ready to tell you more about our latest technology and give you all the detailed information needed regarding our products, and to answer any questions you may have.

Jan Skomedal

Sales Manager Process Gas Systems

Office phone:       +47 380 39 931

Mobile phone:     +47 404 10 265


Geir Arne Johansen

Product Manager Process Gas Systems

Office phone:    +47 380 39 926

Mobile phone:   +47 913 07 337


Stian Hagen

Area Sales Manager LifeCycle Solutions – PGS

Office phone:     +47 380 39 928

Mobile phone:    +47 901 27 750