Air Products AS, Norway is a leading manufacturer of gas processing systems for shipboard, offshore and landbased use.

Air Products Norway was the first company to commercialize hollow fiber membranes for nitrogen separation onboard ships and offshore installations. Today more than 15,000 gas separation systems based on our proprietary PRISM® membrane technology are in operation or under contract worldwide.

Our membranes have proven their durability for more than 30 years of use onboard ships, in refineries, petrochemical plants, gas fields and military & civil aircrafts.


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Rune Damsgaard
Rune DamsgaardBusiness Director
Phone: +47 906 94 093
Jan Skomedal
Jan SkomedalSales Manager, Process Gas Systems
Phone: +47 404 10 265
Jostein Hageland
Jostein HagelandManager Life Cycle Solutions
Phone: +47 958 85 504
Steinar Haugland
Steinar HauglandCustomer Support Manager
Phone: +47 38 03 99 56